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The PhenoTalk Ep. 1: Dr. Subham Basu and Dr. Oliver Braubach

In our inaugural episode of The PhenoTalk we sit down with Dr. Oliver Braubach and Dr. Subham Basu. Dr. Braubach is the Director of Applications at Akoya Biosciences and Dr. Basu is the Senior Director of Strategy, Immuno-oncology and Oncology at Abcam, a leading supplier of protein research tools for life scientists. In this episode we discuss how Akoya’s collaboration with Abcam facilitated the creation of a 103-plex experiment on human head and neck cancer. We also discuss the past, present, and future states of proteomics and spatial biology.


Oliver Braubach Ph.D.
Director of Application
Akoya Biosciences


Subham Basu Ph.D.
Director of Strategy
Immuno-oncology & Oncology


Jimmy DeRosa MPH
Technical Writer
Akoya Biosciences


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