AGBT 2023: Experience the only true spatial multiomics solution

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At AGBT 2023, our collaborators and staff demonstrated how spatial imaging of complementary RNA and protein biomarkers in a single tissue section revealed insights into tumor biology and immunotherapy response.

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Title: True spatial multiomics: One section, two analytes

Niro Ramachandran

Niro Ramachandran, Ph.D.

Chief Business Officer, Akoya Biosciences
Julia Kennedy Darling

Julia Kennedy-Darling, Ph.D.

Vice President, Innovation, Research & Development, Akoya Biosciences

Title: Spatial Multiomics: Insights into immunotherapy response via mapping patient journey

Oliver Braubach

Oliver Braubach, Ph.D.

Head of Applications, Akoya Biosciences
Arutha Kulasinghe

Arutha Kulasinghe, Ph.D.

NHMRC Research Fellow and Group Leader, University of Queensland


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AGBT Agenda Presentation

Mechanisms of metaplastic progression to adenocarcinoma revealed by high-speed multiomic spatial phenotyping of FFPE human samples
John Hickey, Ph.D., Stanford University

High-speed multiomic spatial phenotyping of FFPE human cohorts to dissect mechanisms of environmental-conditioned metastasis
Julia Kennedy-Darling, Ph.D., Akoya Biosciences

Poster 129: High-speed multiomic spatial phenotyping of immunotherapy responses in head and neck cancer
Oliver Braubach, Ph.D., Akoya Biosciences

Poster 137: A multiomic spatial phenotypic atlas of triple-negative breast cancer in women of African ancestry
Jasmine Plummer, Ph.D., St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Poster 532: Rapid whole-slide spatial analysis of FFPE tissues with true multiomic panels enables the discovery of key cellular niches
Julia Kennedy-Darling, Ph.D., Akoya Biosciences