Spatial Biology Simplified
Join us at AACR 2023

April 14 – 19, 2023
Orlando, FL
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See how Spatial Biology is Transforming our Understanding of Cancer

Attend our spotlight theater presentation to hear case examples of how spatial phenotyping and advanced single cell spatial analyses of tumor samples can provide breakthrough insights into treatment response and tumor biology. We’re excited to introduce a novel family of PhenoCode™ Panels that simplify the workflow to study hundreds of biomarker targets, including protein and RNA, across multiple sample types.  The speakers will also discuss how the discoveries from ultrahigh-plex spatial biology can be effectively moved over into translational and clinical research.

Spatial Biology Case Studies: Uncovering New Insights in Tumor Progression and Treatment Response​​

Monday, April 17, 2023, 10:00 AM
Spotlight Theater C
American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting

Rajkumar Savai

Rajkumar Savai, PhD

Professor of Lung Microenvironmental Niche in Cancerogenesis, Max-Planck-Institute for Heart and Lung Research and Institute for Lung Health (ILH)
Jasmine Plummer

Jasmine Plummer, PhD

Founding Director, Center for Spatial Omics,
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Oliver Braubach

Oliver Braubach, PhD

Director of Applications,
Akoya Biosciences


See Akoya’s Technology in Action at these Poster Presentations

9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Poster 1968: A multiomic spatial phenotypic atlas of triple-negative breast cancer in women of African ancestry
Poster 2059: Machine learning integration of transcriptome-wide spatial sequencing data and ultra-high plex spatial proteomic data enables the prioritisation of cancer drug targets
1:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Poster 4621: Distinct spatial and molecular maps in the tumour microenvironment of resistant melanoma patients treated with checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy
Poster 4658: Flexible multiplexed immunofluorescent panels for accelerated identification of spatial signatures for immunotherapy checkpoint investigations
Poster 4633: Quantitative spatial profiling of NSCLC subtypes across tumor stages using 6-plex multiplex imaging technology and AI-powered phenotyping analysis
Poster 4649: Design and validation of ultrahigh-plex Discovery Panels for immuno-oncology and oncology 
Poster 4703: Applying spatial omics and computational analyses to study drug responses and cancer-immune cell interactions 
Poster 5626: Multiomic spatial profiling of the tumor immune microenvironment at single cell resolution 
Poster 5629: Spatial genomics and proteomics enable multimodal analyses of oral SCC clonal heterogeneity and interactions with tumor microenvironment
Poster 5647: Single cell multiomic spatial phenotyping of immunotherapy responses in head and neck cancer   
Poster 5648: Single cell spatial phenotyping of bladder tumors with a novel mechanism of NKG2A and HLA-E mediated resistance to BCG immunotherapy 
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM 
Poster 6764: Multi-parametric comparison of scRNA-seq with CITE-seq and ultrahigh-plex spatial phenotyping of proteins in FFPE head and neck tumor biopsies from a cancer vaccine trial: An opportunity to generate uniquely comprehensive multiomic single cell datasets to investigate the tumor microenvironment
Poster: 6768: The potential predictive role of spatial phenotyping in non-small cell lung cancer 
Poster 6774: The development of a spatial metabolic map of immunotherapy sensitive and resistant cutaneous skin carcinoma