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Our multiplex imaging solutions enable you to phenotype the full cellular diversity of a tissue sample, with spatial context.

The increased information and thus understanding of the tumor microenvironments this technology is revealing to us will greatly help inform us in our development of more effective combination immunotherapies

Nicola Annels

University of Surrey

Selected Case Studies

New discoveries powered by spatial biology

Astronomy Meets Pathology

Johns Hopkins researchers apply celestial object-mapping to multiplex IF to discover predictive phenotypic signatures

The Tumor Neighborhood Watch

Stanford team discovers that cellular neighborhoods behave like city neighborhoods in the tumor microenvironment

Deep Immune Profiling in COVID-19

Researchers at the University of Birmingham investigate the COVID-19 immune response across multiple organ systems

Our Platforms for Discovery and Clinical Research

The CODEX® Solution

Deep spatial phenotyping is now within your reach

  • Single-cell.
  • Whole tissue.
  • FFPE.

The Phenoptics™ Solution

Shifting the paradigm from visual IHC to quantitative IF

  • Analytically validated.
  • High-throughput.

Our Story

Our history represents the rapid advancement driving the field of multiplexed imaging and spatial phenotyping.

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